Heads-up. Without the display.

Zorb Touch replaces alarms, ringtones, and warning lights with high-definition pulses that move across your skin.

A tap or buzz is just a pixel. We give you the whole picture.

Like tracing shapes with your fingers, Zorb Touch enables sensations that move across your skin. Zorb Touch communicates information, including directions and alerts, through haptic feedback.

Motion Animation

Easy to use. Quick to customize.

Zorb Touch is a full-stack platform that provides development tools for novices and experts alike to create immersive, tactile experiences for augmented reality, virtual reality, and wearable devices. With Zorb Touch hardware and software, you can get started in minutes.

Screenshots from Zorb Touch Studio.
Drag, drop, code, and feel. On any computer.

developer_board Try it.

You can get started in minutes with a Zorb Touch Development Kit. Attach the hardware to clothing, a headset, a helmet, or anything you're wearing.

brush Get creative.

Try out new ideas immediately. Use the drag and drop interface in the Zorb Touch Studio to create, save, edit, and remix your own tactile sensations.

stars Create new experiences.

We provide libraries for iOS, Android, and desktop applications to help you take your wearable project to the next stage of integration.

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