The Zorb Platform

Powering a future without screens.


Zorb is a robust, full-stack platform that enables any developer to quickly create high-resolution haptic feedback. More than an ordinary tap or vibration, Zorb allows the delivery of real-time information (i.e. alerts, notifications, instructions) felt as rich vibro-tactile patterns that move across the skin as pulses, shapes, and directions.

Our Products

The Zorb Platform provides development and creation tools for easy evaluation and integration of haptic feedback into existing products and systems. Our base software subscription grants access to the Zorb Design Studio, Zorb SDK, and a growing library of 100+ pre-designed haptic effects.


Zorb Design Studio — Our haptic design studio allows one to quickly author and customize haptic effects through both a code-based and graphical editor.

Zorb SDK — Our SDK (software development kit) provides a JavaScript library for creating and manipulating haptic effects in the Zorb Design Studio.

Zorb Engine — Our firmware engine is the backbone for integrating the Zorb SDK with your custom hardware devices and can support devices with 1-n actuators.

Screenshots from Zorb Design Studio.
The Zorb Design Studio allows quick switching between code-based and graphical pattern authoring.


Zorb Platform Evaluation Kits — Our zero-configuration hardware development kits support 1-4 actuators and allow one to prototype haptic effects made in the Zorb Design Studio. Zorb Platform Evaluation Kits are sold separately from our software subscription.


The Zorb Platform is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and most Linux distributions.

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